2022-2023 Case Study: “Structural Reflexology” 


Clients with issues in the feet like: Bunions, hammer/claw toes, Hallux Rigidis, broken arches, Plantar Fasciitis, or unexplained pain.


(reasons not to treat) I cannot accept anyone with: warts or athletes foot, severe heart issues, Deep Veined Thrombosis (blood clots) or had a bone removed from the foot. I also cannot treat those with severe issues in the feet due to Diabetes.  


You will be asked for past foot/medical issues, list of meds or other pertinent health information. Keeping a diary of after care effects, sensations and improvements in movement, mood and emotion is encouraged. After the first session a protocol for following treatments will be discussed and agreed upon. A full chart of experiences during the treatment are kept for record and study with the teacher and practitioner and will be possibly discussed. Certain aspects of the outcomes will be shared with the general public in a general way without divulging the clients personal information. Sharing these results helps to promote the modality so others can discover the positive outcomes of alternative, preventative health practices. 

The Treatment: 

Structural Reflexology involves manipulation of the ligaments, tendons and bones of the foot to promote proper alignment and muscle control. The treatment comes in 3 sections which must be done in a certain order to make sure there is no undue strain on an already compromised foot. The opening sequence loosens up the foot, promotes blood and fluid circulation and prepares the foot for the part two: zonal reflexology. This section focus’ on clearing blockages in the 10 zones of the foot, which promotes the regular function of the body like the digestive or endocrine systems. Part two also massages the muscles, tendons and ligaments, their attachment sites and the leg muscles they are attached to. It finishes with some nice stretching and jostling for subtle bone alignment. The third segment finishes with a deep lower leg massage and more bone manipulation.

The session takes almost 2 hrs and can be compared with a deep tissue body massage. I have seen amazing results in the first few of the 50 case studies I need to be a certified Structural Reflexology Therapist. Here’s an example of one and how I might share the experience;

Female late 60’s. General good health. Likes to walk long distance for exercise and has experienced the famous Spanish walking trails several times. She has had pain in the heels. lateral edge of foot as well as pain in the shins. After 3 treatments, and these were the very first 3 I did, she went from thinking about the pain with every step to realizing she walked for miles before noticing she DIDN’T HAVE ANY PAIN! We did a fourth treatment about 6 months later. She wore a digital walking monitor, kept records of her walking experiences and converted her outcome to a very readable graph that showed how well the treatment worked for her.