Welcome to Little Piggies Reflexology

This website is dedicated to my services, my skills and my wonderful community of health practitioners and artists. At first look you may be thinking my website is a bit self-serving… and it is!  The relationship between a health practitioner and client is a sacred one. I’m hoping you’ll flip thru my pages, maybe hang out for a little while to get to know me and learn about what I can do for YOU! 

With Reflexology, we are not trying to just deal with symptoms -- we are going to the root of the problem to solve it physically, emotionally and perhaps spiritually. We will be working toward balancing the body’s functions with gentle acupressure and healing touch so there must be trust on both sides for real healing to happen. You may be hiring me to come into your home or office so it’s important that you trust me to do my best to find the issue and work to correct it. I have trained in a few different modalities of Reflexology, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Manual Lymph Drainage so that I can provide you with an amazing experience while helping you heal.

If you are here I’m guessing you may already know about the power of Reflexology and how it is a wonderful non-invasive treatment for whatever ails you. Reflexology induces TOTAL relaxation, which helps the body to achieve its optimal balance, circulation and oxygen flow. When these three work in harmony, optimum healing occurs. You might also know that it is natural, preventative, effective and complements other modalities of health care, be they modern or ancient. Healing is an intention and holistic healing is at the top of the heap in terms of caring for yourself. It’s about the whole body, mind and spirit. It’s a big step and I’m here to help facilitate your healing and well being. If you don’t already know about Reflexology and how it works, I invite you to stick around, read on and enjoy the information I’m providing here for you.

I DELIVER to your home, office, backyard, green room at the concert hall…...

Little Piggies

Little Piggies works on the premise of delivering quality care to your own home or work place. When the weather isn’t great or you’re just having a bad hair day it’s wonderful to open your door to see me standing there with a massage table. I take away the stress of getting to your appointment on time. All you need to do is create a space where you will be comfortable with no interruptions. If I can get around the massage table easily I can do the treatment anywhere… under a lovely shade tree, in the spare room or even the board room! I come with everything I need to treat you, the rest of the family, friends or co-workers. I arrive a little before your scheduled time to set up, and to ground myself and the space before I start any treatments. I make a safe and protective environment for you to completely relax and trust me to deliver the treatment you need. Coming to your home or work place also helps me to see a bit of your lifestyle so I can get a better idea of what could be exacerbating a health problem and I can suggest changes as well as giving an awesome Reflexology treatment.

It’s all about you and what your body needs.

I have been a visual artist most of my working life but an illness forced me to change professions. I feel that I’m still an artist who works with her hands but now my medium is the human body. My experience as a visual artist and performer make my treatments a journey in tactile expression. I can deliver a relaxing, soothing, soft Reflexology treatment that makes you feel like butter or give you an energizing, stress relieving Indian Head Massage. I adapt my technique to your needs and your body’s signals. I treat each client in a slightly different way, and even each treatment is different from the last one. Everyone is unique so I access what you need and use as many of my tools as the job requires.

You have made a giant step to take the reins of your own health. My job is to acknowledge that with the best care and advice I can give you.

Modern Medicine

There is definitely a time and a place for modern techniques in medicine. In my opinion, “modern medicine” doesn’t really find the cause and treat it. They work mostly with symptoms and then the side effects from medications to treat those symptoms, which usually means more medication. I’m a firm believer in research and complementary modalities before surgery or prescription drugs. Reflexology helps people take an active role in their own health care, helps to reduce medications, helps to change destructive habits and induce a better quality of life… whatever that means for my clients.

Please enjoy your time here at Little Piggies. I’ll be adding new content on a semi-regular basis to keep you up to date on new techniques, tips and treats. I have specials several times a year, more workshops to develop for your benefit, fun photos and videos, news on Reflexology… maybe a podcast in the future?

Thanks for dropping in!