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Thank You for looking into Reflexology! It is so much more than a foot massage. The craft of pressing special points on the feet to make the body heal and feel good is ancient. The human foot is a fascinating piece of art and design, form and function. However, we as vain humans, have ruined its main function which is to keep us upright and propel us forward. Poorly designed footwear and  ignoring pain have deformed a perfectly good pair of feet! Luckily we have Reflexology to help keep us on a good walking path! I began studying Reflexology in 2012 and I still find the foot absolutely fascinating. The face, hands and ears all have tons of nerve endings to activate as well! This is what makes Reflexology such a wonderful modality. It’s safe, effective, holistic and preventative care for everyone. 

Much has happened since I launched my business with me AND the world! Now more than ever we need to look after ourselves so we can take care of each other and I mean BEFORE we get sick. Since I began this journey I have learned how certain careers have their associated illnesses, how injuries, diseases and conditions have an emotional connection and how energy and vibration change everything! I’ve also learned about the huge shortfall in Holistic care in our hospitals and that way too many people are falling into healthcare cracks waiting for a diagnosis or treatment. I keep myself open to learning new modalities and specialties so I can bring you lots of care options. Our NEW NORMAL needs to be preventative care instead of heavy meds, slash and grab surgery or having to hire someone to help you thru the medical system. And don’t get me started on the history of doctors ignoring and belittling what the patient is saying… especially women! Wouldn’t it be marvellous to have a Holistic/preventative care wing in every hospital covered by the Province instead of only for those who can afford expensive medical insurance? There are other countries that actually do this. The UK and Denmark have Reflexology in their National Healthcare. Just imagine!

Little Piggies

Please, check out all my pages. Yup! It’s a lot of information but I’d rather impart all this information so you can read at your leisure and be well informed to make good choices about your healing practitioner. I welcome you to contact me if you have questions or would like to chat. 

Thanks again for thinking about Reflexology and Little Piggies for your health.