My Story

Since Reflexology was working so well for me I felt inspired to learn how I could use it to help others. Maybe it was something I could do for a living. I found an organization that was willing to help me financially so I could retrain for a new career.

I started in 2012 with Chinese Interactive Reflexology. The methods of this modality are quite different from the North American style with lots of rocking and shaking as well as work on the head and neck, hips, knees, and legs. It also combines acupressure touch with the principles of Yin/Yang within the body, the seasons, and the elements and works with meridians rather than the Zonal technique used in Western-style Reflexology.

Because there are lots of reasons Foot Reflexology can’t be done on clients (athletes foot, Deep Veined Thrombosis…), I learned Facial Reflexology and also took two workshops in Hand Reflexology. After getting these techniques under my belt I took Indian Head Massage so I could work on other areas of the body and work with people looking for something different. Reflexology isn’t as direct as massage so some people prefer this type of treatment

Studying Reflexology helped me to understand how energy works within and without the body. I was learning to feel stuck energy move and was fascinated that I was clearing it and being able to see the client feel it too! This helped me realize how important energy work is and I felt it was important to further my understanding of it so I took Reiki levels 1 & 2. which was the icing on the cake. Using Reiki in a Reflexology treatment deepens the the healing energy which gives a much fuller treatment and helps the client understand their own energy. Reiki brought all my techniques together and seemed to complete my list of natural health care specialties… for now anyway!

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As a visual artist who has always worked with my hands I consider Reflexology an art form and I often tell people that I am in the “healing arts”. My hands and arms have always been strong so I have the ability to provide deeper touch if needed and I can easily work on four or five full sessions in a day. My metalwork was always colourful, with the right details to highlight the natural qualities of the copper I worked with. The human body is now my medium and I can see and feel subtleties of colour and temperature on the skin and my sensitive hands can feel blocked or slow energy below the skin. My empathic personality helps to clear these blockages gently and skillfully, while supporting my clients emotionally through a health problem.

Although Reflexology is my main focus now, I still enjoy my artwork. I paint in acrylic, assemble collage, make stuff from objet trouvé, make videos, and play ukulele. I even perform on stage every once in a while. I love being an artist in any form, whether it’s visual arts or healing arts. I enjoy it so much it hardly feels like work which is fine by me!

Little Piggies

Bio: Marie Jardine, The Virgo Tiger

Marie graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 1992. Since then she has run several home based visual art businesses. Her work has been published in ’50 Years of Canadian Metalsmithing” and “Three Centuries of Public Art: Historic Halifax Regional Municipality” and she has exhibited her work as far away as Denmark. Although her work is now in the healing arts Marie still makes costumes for her live performances, paints in acrylic and makes found object sculpture and videos. Check out these links to see her work.