Testimonials are a nice way to show others how clients have reacted to treatments they received. The clients who agreed to have their picture taken were offered a free sample of my work in exchange for their picture and kind words. I’ll be using them in some ad campaigns but their words are their own and it was very brave of them to have me taking their picture as soon as they were finished their session. I always like the way people look when they sit up after their treatment. They have such a lovely, warm, euphoric & sleepy look I find it hard not to snap their picture. I decided I would see if anyone would be open to sharing that look…


My foot treatment from Marie was so relaxing and needed to give my body the boost it needed this winter season. Marie was excellent at explaining what was going to happen, answered all the questions I had and gave so much knowledge the whole time I was in her presence. Her passion for Reflexology shows through her work and demeanour with her clients. My sleepy messy hair look shows that she made it very relaxing throughout the treatment sending me into a space of peace throughout the time spent during the treatment.

Happy Steph

Marie welcomed me into her studio one sunny afternoon in late February with a warming cup of ginger tea. I had already enjoyed her reflexology for my tired feet Saturday afternoons after the Wolfville Farmers’ Market last summer and this was to be my first experience of reflexology for my face. Once Marie had me settled in on her heated massage table, she began by draping a hot towel around my face, like the ones airline flight attendants hand out on long flights. I felt pleasantly relaxed as she moved on to the reflexology portion of my treatment, softy tapping and gently massaging my face and ears, and cradling my head as she released tension from my neck and shoulders. This was followed by the beauty portion of my facial, stimulating the face muscles, increasing blood and oxygen flow to the skin, giving my face a healthy, natural glow, as you can see from the photo we took afterwards! By the time Marie had finished, I had been lulled into a zen-like state of contentment and tranquility. Marie is caring, conscientious, vibrant and vivacious and I highly recommend booking a session with her!

Beth Thompson

When I arrived for my treatment I was welcomed in to a lovely warm space where I was offered tea and given a brief description of the techniques that would be used. Lying down on the massage table, I was made comfortable with pillows under my knees and I was covered with a warm blanket so that I could relax.

Marie began by massaging my face and head. This felt heavenly! I could feel the relaxation spreading throughout my body. I could feel the stresses of the day passing through and leaving.

Marie moved on to my hands, gently and thoroughly massaging and manipulating each finger in turn and my palms and wrists. My hands can be quite painful at times but Marie's touch did not cause any pain.

When she was working on my feet, Marie explained how the different areas on my feet correspond with my organs and other areas of my body. I could feel areas of tightness releasing as pressure was applied.

After the massage I was given a little while to adjust an prepare to sit up. I felt very relaxed, warm, and at the same time invigorated. I felt light.

Once I felt ready to return from my bliss I was given a glass of water and Marie and I sat and chatted for a while.

That night I was so relaxed that I fell into a deep sleep and awoke feeling more refreshed than I had in a very long time.

Happy Client

That moment.... when you lift your head off the pillow/towel after one of Marie’s gentle careful treatments - be it Indian head massage, foot reflexology or a session of lymph drainage - that moment is special and delightful and brings with it healing and relaxation that stretches hours and days/weeks into the future.
Turning your head for an instant towards the sunny window with closed eyes enjoying the invigorating sensation of the energies moved to action under the skin by Marie’s careful professional hands..... that is a moment to breathe into and treasure.


Marie Jardine of Little piggies Reflexology is a maker of little miracles!

My treatments with her have helped me in so many ways!

I went to Marie with several issues, one of them being pain and pressure in my head, another being pain from kidney stones.

Marie was very accommodating and fit me into her schedule at short notice to do an “emergency” treatment for my symptoms

Marie is a warm, friendly and welcoming person and is very knowledgeable, she explained exactly what she was going to Do and when she was going to do it, and she even gave me “homework” to do in between our sessions!

During the treatments I could feel the difference almost immediately with her firm but gentle touch on my feet, her lovely sense of humour and her sincerity put me at ease as she explained which area of my feet corresponded to the parts of my body that I was having issues with, even to the point of pinpointing issues in my body that I had forgotten to mention to her.

At the end of the sessions I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated, and the pain was greatly diminished or even gone completely especially in my head, which after months of pain is a major achievement! And for days after the treatments stayed away!

I am hooked on Little Piggies Reflexology and Marie will now be my go to practitioner for anything that ails me and I very much look forward to the continued health benefits and relaxation of her wonderful reflexology sessions!


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I have volunteered with the Deep Roots Festival in Wolfville NS for many years, the last 6 years have been spent giving the musicians a free 15 minute Reflexology treatment. These are some of the responses I’ve had…

Thom Swift:

When I attended Deep Roots Festival in 2014, I was pleased and surprised that Marie was available for Reflexology sessions. When traveling as a musician we have our fair share of aches and pains. Marie’s treatment for me was just what I needed. It relaxed me and gave me the tension relief I needed in my forearm. This was an amazing service to have for musicians as they roll in from various places to play your festival. Marie is very good at her profession and I certainly appreciated and benefited from her treatment for me. I felt I had better show’s as a result!!

All the Best,


Kim Barlow:

I got my feet tenderly attended to by Marie Jardine at the Deep Roots festival and it was one of the most relaxing and simultaneously invigorating treatments I have experienced. It was just what I needed in the middle of a really busy weekend of performance nerves, hauling gear, too much fun and not enough sleep. 

Dave Gunning:

 "I believe Marie can make a person live longer, or at least get through a festival weekend " (smilie face!)

Suzie Vinnick:

 "I had a reflexology treatment with Marie at Deep Roots just before my performance that left me happily relaxed and invigorated - I loved it! And she was kind enough to let me sneak in and wrangle another treatment the next day. Highly recommended!"

Nick Tipney:

”I was offered a reflexology treatment by Marie during the Deep Roots Festival, being a musician I was reticent to have my hands manipulated but she was very gentle and I received a relaxing and restorative massage. Highly recommended!"


"In the realm of hand-work for healing and rejuvenating, Marie Jardine has the touch. I recommend her treatment for fingers, arms, shoulders, any body parts that make music. Little Piggies Reflexology gets my vote; thanks Marie."

- Valdy  (Paul Valdemar Horsdal CM)

PS: Yes, you can take credit for my dancing feet......

John Gorka:

Ms. Jardine’s treatment was a highlight of my trip to Nova Scotia and it had both immediate and long lasting positive benefits - highly recommended. 

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