Cautions and Carefuls

Reflexology is for any age, any body. However some folks with diagnosed DVT cannot receive Reflexology AT ALL. It works so well improving blood flow it may dislodge a clot.Those with Athletes foot, warts or severe wounds on the feet can have reflexology on the hands or face.

Delivered Services: 

Windsor, NS to Berwick, NS (Further locations can be negotiated)

Little Piggies can deliver your treatment to your home or office. I never get tired of seeing the delight on my clients faces when they answer the door to see me there with my massage table! As long as it’s a quiet, safe space and there’s enough room for me to walk around a massage table, we can do sessions anywhere. I even offer specials like “Cool Weather Treatments” for a nice fall day so you can lie on a heated table covered in blankets while breathing crisp fresh air. Delivery fees vary depending on distance and how many people I will treat in the session.

The Landing Spa Canning, NS

For those who prefer getting out and going to a formal setting, this lovely facility has a big south facing studio that looks out over the beautiful Habitant River for views of bald eagles, herons, plovers and ducks while receiving a treatment! They also offer massage, infra red sauna, acupuncture and hair dressing! Call 902-582-1718 to book.

Farmers markets, Music festivals, Holistic, Mystic and Wellness Shows

Contact me personally to get a calendar of events, check FB and Instagram posts #littlePiggieReflexology, #walkthisway

Therapeutic or Spa style?

If you want to keep track of your progress and share the results from our sessions with your doctor then you’ll want Therapeutic style. I do a full medical history intake; past injuries, surgeries, trauma, meds, allergies and ailments. I make a map of everything I noticed in the session so we can go back thru to see changes and progress. There’s an extra one time intake fee with Therapeutic sessions. Spa sessions have no record keeping and tend to be a little more massage-ie!!


Full Treatments

All my treatments are designed for the person on the table and making sure they feel physically and emotional comfortable. Because I have studied lots of different modalities I can bring in certain aspects of other healing treatments to make the experience complete. This comes in handy when the client has incredibly sensitive feet or perhaps a bad case of athletes foot. I can still give them a lovely treatment on their hands, or perhaps an Indian Head Massage would be better. Sometimes, if I find some stubborn aspect in the foot, I can go to the physical body and use Reiki to help clear the issue. Also, as a foot reader, I read clues in the shapes of the foot and toes, skin/nail tone, condition & temperature, blemishes, lines and marks. They mean something in terms of the body itself and the personality. In fact, I get a good idea of the overall condition of the person within the first few seconds I look at the feet. It is a very accurate code for figuring out where the problem might be in the body or a personality trait that doesn’t serve them at all. 

Little Piggies Reflexology Wax  I use my whole hands in every treatment so I prefer to use something that lets my hands glide easily over skin. It helps keep my own hands soft and supple as well as providing some herbal medicine for us both. Sister Lotus, the Belly Dancing Herbalist, blends all the oils I use with pure botanicals, grapeseed and vitamin E oils. I blend these with pure NS beeswax to make your Reflexology treatment a full healing experience. You can usually choose from several like Lavender, Ginger Peppermint, Chai, Citrus, Lymph Flow or Sensual blends. You are always welcome to decline them in your treatment or ask if I have any available for purchase to take home.

Head to Toe:

This treatment starts with a hot towel sauna on the face, facial and scalp massage followed by a gentle lymph drain for the face and neck. Next is a soothing hand massage that goes all the way up the arms to the shoulder. The treatment finishes with a full 50 minute foot reflexology session. This is a bit of a pampering session but is excellent for everything from anxiety, sinus, headache or back issues to IBS, arthritis, menopause, MS or even Parkinson’s…as I’ve said before Reflexology is good for just about any malady. 1hr 15 minutes


A full foot session in Reflexology deals with all parts of the body from your skin to your bowel movements! My foot treatments start with loosening the actual head, neck, hips, knees and ankles before I even start on the feet. I work all the systems of the body, go back to areas where I may have found some pain or stuck energy. The “finish” is a lovely foot and leg massage with hot towel wraps on the feet and a fun leg rock n’ roll that completes the session. 50 minutes

Hands and Faces:

Excellent treatments for those who work with their hands or can’t have work done on the feet. Hand work is an extra bonus for arthritic hands or if you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Facial reflexology is excellent for those who suffer from sinus or headache issues, TMJ or teeth grinders and it really is wonderful to have a facial massage after a hot towel sauna. It also helps smooth out wrinkles! Both of these treatments have slightly lighter outcomes than working on the feet. It’s subtle and better for those who react easily to healing touch. 45 minutes

Indian Head Massage:

It’s a bit of a misnomer as it is not just a massage on the head. The treatment starts on the upper back working the shoulder blades and spine, neck, arms and hands, shoulders, neck, face, scalp and hair massage with a cool hair tug finish then back over the head to end with some neck stretches and light touch ”effleurage” to finish on the back.  Excellent for those who work behind desks, have tension headaches, neck and shoulder pain, bursitis or tendonitis. Lots of oil can be used that’s great for the body and hair (though a shower shortly after may be in order!). My experience working with faces and hands really makes this session an experience. If you like what the hairdresser does you’re gonna melt when receiving this treatment. 45 minutes

Reflexology Lymph Drainage:

This technique was developed in the UK by Sally Kay. Her research was funded by the National Health Service which has produced remarkable results and recorded data from the studies. RLD removes excess lymphatic fluid from the body thru work done in the feet rather than Manual Lymph Drainage done directly on the body. The study has proven how this specialized reflexology technique can promote movement and elimination of stagnant, physically and emotionally debilitating fluid. The technique has also proven to keep the fluid from building up to dangerous, painful and unsightly levels. There is no cure for ANY issues with Lymph, only ways to mitigate it’s effects on the mind and body. 1hr 15 mins 

Solestry and Foot Reading:

The feet don’t lie! A foot reader can see issues in the body and personality at a glance. It is NOT a diagnosis. Reflexology Therapists never diagnose but a foot reader will Assess, Coach and Educate the client by visually assessing the condition of the foot. Solestry is more about reading the personality traits whereas foot reading is more about the physical aspects. I’m not sure if I like this modality so much because of it’s freakish accuracy or the way it almost feels like a Psychic experience. Foot Reading looks at hundreds of clues like the general shape of the foot, toes and arch, skin colouring, lining, dry or moist, peeling or callous’, the presence of deformities like bunions and hammer toe, or conditions like smelly feet, warts and athletes foot. All the clues point to things like upper or lower digestion issues, head and neck problems, kidney stones or poor liver or bowel function. The clues also tell me things like you need to be alone to regenerate energy, if you do too much for others and not yourself, that your family comes first or that you may be worried about your retirement! I sometimes see pictures in the foot which mean nothing to me but often bring insight to the client. Like I said, foot reading is quite fascinating. 


15 and 30 minute treatments are excellent for a “Spa Day” at work, house parties, wedding parties, and a great addition to a fundraiser or music event. They are designed to be fun with some well being thrown in! Short treatments at the Office can be an excellent way to destress and help you to get thru a busy day. It’s a thoughtful reward for a dedicated staff or team and a creative way to get to know people or have a lot of fun with close friends. All treatments finish with a massage and a wax of your choice.

Java Scrub

A creamy soapy wash with coffee grounds thrown in for a soft sloughing of skin! It perks up tired achy feet or hands and will invigorate your sleepy system. 


An amazing rub that focuses on the Lymphatic/immune system with a special wax made to activate lymph flow. Together with light accupressure and an amazing hot/cold water rinse at the end, the treatment is invigorating to the lymphatic system as well as the feet and body.

Wash n Wear:

A lovely treatment especially if you wear your bare feet often or work with your hands! A creamy, soapy wash that finishes with lots of flowing water and a lovely lower leg massage. 

Direct Hit:

For those that have a little something that’s been bothering them. After a nice all over rub I concentrate on the problem area. This treatment can show you the power of Reflexology in 15 minutes! 

The Heat Scratcher:

Excellent for tension or stress headaches, shoulder and upper back issues, sinus… I work on the upper back, arms, shoulders, neck, scalp. Facial work is only included in the longer session. 15 & 30 minute sessions

Read & Rub:

15 or 30 Minutes of reading clues and markers in your feet to learn about the aspects of your personality and health that don’t serve you at all. The session finishes with a lovely foot massage and picking a Victorian Flower card to complete the read. 


Check with me about current pricing on treatments.Prices vary depending on which modality or if they are delivered. For therapeutic style there is an intake fee for the initial treatment which involves an interview on past and present health issues, medications, operations etc. I charge for delivery for home or office treatments depending on distance. I can negotiate a reduction in fees for those in financial difficulty or those in a severe health crisis that may need many treatments.  

Gift Certificates:

These are always a good idea! The gift of health has never been more needed than in today’s tough stressful climate. An excellent gift for people looking for less STUFF! Experiential gifts in Holistic Health care are a nice way to help someone wanting to make a change or just a fun something to do. You can purchase just the right treatment for a friend or relative that can be delivered at the perfect time. 


As a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist my services are covered by some insurance plans. If your insurance company doesn’t offer to pay for Reflexology I have a form you can send that outlines why they should cover it. The more we ask for it the more chances that insurance companies will offer coverage. Regular Reflexology reduces sick days at work, reduces the need for expensive medications and decreases trips to the doctors office and emergency rooms which in turn reduces the burden on our health care system. It’s a mystery to me why it isn’t offered in more health care plans or even offered as part of our health care system.

How To Book

Text or email me directly 902-681-5633,
The Landing Spa 902-582-1718

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