Little Piggies provides a full menu of Reflexology treatments that can be delivered in a variety of ways.

Reflexology anywhere on the body is excellent. Just about any health issue can be addressed but some areas of the body are better to work on for certain ailments and I have outlined some of them here.

Therapeutic or spa style? Please let me know if you’d like to keep records and keep track of symptoms and what we did in sessions. This method is best if you have a health crisis or a nagging issue you want to resolve, and it’s great for those who like to do cleanses. Spa style is best for stress and tension issues, or maybe a little upkeep to make sure the body is balanced. This technique is less acupressure and more massage.

Full treatments

These can be planned just for one or with a few friends. I can work on hands, faces, feet or provide Indian Head Massage and I can incorporate Reiki energy into the treatment if you ask for it.

Head to Toe: $75

This treatment starts with a hot towel sauna on the face followed by a scalp and facial massage and then drainage of the lymph in the neck. Next is a soothing hand massage that goes all the way up the arms to the shoulder. The treatment finishes with a full 50-minute foot Reflexology session. This is a bit of a pampering session and is excellent for everything from anxiety, sinus, headache or back issues to IBS, arthritis, menopause, MS or even Parkinson’s…as I’ve said before Reflexology is good for just about any malady.

Feet: $55

A full foot session in Reflexology deals with all parts of the body from your skin to your bowel movements! My foot treatments start with loosening the actual head, neck, hips, knees and ankles before I even start on the feet. I work all the systems of the body, go back to areas where we may have found some pain or stuck energy, and finish with a lovely foot and leg massage with a fun leg rock n’ roll that completes the session.

Hands and Faces: $45

Excellent treatments for those who work with their hands or can’t have work done on the feet for some reason. Hand work is an extra bonus for arthritic hands or if you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Facial Reflexology is excellent for those who suffer from sinus or headache issues, TMJ or teeth grinders and it really is wonderful to have a facial massage after a hot towel sauna on your face. It also helps smooth out wrinkles! Both of these treatments have slightly lighter outcomes than working on the feet. It’s subtler and better for those who react easily to healing touch.

Indian Head Massage: $45

This treatment is a bit of a misnomer as it is not just a massage on the head. It starts on the back working the shoulder blades and spine, neck, arms and hands, neck, scalp and hair to the face and neck and then back over the head to finish on the back….oh my! Excellent for those who work behind desks, have tensions headaches, neck and shoulder pain, bursitis or tendonitis. If you like what the hairdresser does you’re gonna melt when receiving this treatment.

Manual Lymph Drainage: $60 - $150

MLD is an exciting modality that works on increasing your lymph flow which results in less inflamation, less pain and better blood circulation. This treatment is extremely relaxing as most clients fall asleep while being worked on. MLD is excellent for reducing migraine pain and frequency, inflammation from injury, post-op recovery - especially great for mastectomy surgery and post-cancer care, PTSD, sinus issues and a host of other ailments. Even if you don’t have any lymph related issues this treatment can make a cleanse or detox session work even better. This is a very slow and gentle treatment that takes more time than most Reflexology sessions so cost is based on the degree of ailment issues and the decided protocol.

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Mini Treatments: $20

15-minute treatments are excellent for spa parties, wedding parties or other gatherings. They are designed to be fun with some well-being thrown in! Short treatments at the office can be an excellent way to destress before or after a tense meeting or job interview or just help you to get through a busy day. It’s an excellent way to reward a dedicated staff, close friends or a nice gift for those that are hard to buy for!

Java Scrub: A creamy soapy wash with coffee grounds thrown in for a soft sloughing of skin! It perks up tired achy feet or hands and will invigorate your sleepy system. The treatment finishes with a lovely massage with oil of your choice.

Lymph-o-maniac: An amazing rub that focuses on the Lymphatic/immune system. I use a special oil made to activate lymph flow so together with light accupressure and an amazing hot/cold water rinse that is invigorating to the lymphatic system as well as the feet.

Wash n Wear: A lovely treatment especially if you wear your bare feet often or work with your hands! A creamy, soapy wash that finishes with lots of flowing water and a little massage with an oil of your choice.

Direct Hit: For those that have a little something that’s been bothering them. After a nice all over rub I concentrate on the problem area. This treatment can show you the power of Reflexology in 15 minutes!

The Head Scratcher: Excellent for tension or stress headaches, shoulder and upper back issues, sinus… I work on the upper back, arms, shoulders, neck, scalp and face.

Discounts: There are a lot of people that want to try something other than modern medicine but can’t afford to pay out of pocket. I would rather give you a discount than having you NOT try these wonderful modalities. If you are retired, a veteran, or low-income I am open to discussing special pricing for your treatments. I also offer discounts for multiple treatments at the same location or buying multiple treatments at one time.

Gift Certificates: These are always a good idea! The gift of health has never been more needed than in today’s tough stressful climate. An excellent gift for people looking for less STUFF! Experiential gifts in holistic health care are a nice way to help someone in a health crisis or just a fun way to say Thank You. You can purchase just the right treatment for a friend or relative that can be delivered at the perfect time.


As a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist my services are covered by some insurance plans. If your insurance company doesn’t offer to pay for Reflexology I have a form you can send that outlines why they should cover it. The more we ask for it the more chances that insurance companies will offer coverage. Regular Reflexology reduces sick days at work, reduces the need for expensive medications and decreases trips to the doctor’s office and emergency rooms which in turn reduces the burden on our health care system. It’s a mystery to me why it isn’t offered in more health care plans.