I love to design and deliver workshops for large and small groups. These hands-on learning experiences are filled with laughter, good vibes and lots of tips and techniques for helping the body heal and feel better. You can book me to teach the workshops I have already developed (see below), or I can design something for a specific group of people or a specific ailment. Prices vary depending on cost of venue and travel, or research and development. Perhaps you’d like me to show you some pain relief techniques for headaches or maybe teach some techniques to help with sleep, weight loss, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, thyroid issue...

Workshops can be delivered to your home, community centre, boardroom or classroom. They can be short “Lunch and Learn” sessions where I come to talk and demonstrate over the lunch hour, or you can book a full or a half day filled with helpful information and exercises to practise. 

Little Piggies

Better Sex with Reflexology: 

This is not a workshop on pick-up/hook-up techniques! This is for people wanting to find new ways to provide loving touch for their partner and to improve the quality of foreplay and hopefully achieve orgasm. Even if you are single this is a great workshop to up your game in the bedroom - though you will need to bring a friend to work on! This workshop shows you simple Reflexology techniques you can do in your own home without a massage table. 

The Art of the Foot Bath: 

This early morning workshop, which comes with a light breakfast, shows you the ultimate in how a foot bath could be, whether you’re someone who soaks their feet on a regular basis or have never tried it. We’ll talk about adding oils and minerals to the bath for specific ailments, things to do while soaking and how to dry and massage the feet and legs after the soak. At the end of the workshop you will be energized and ready to take on the world!

Healthy Happy Feet: 

This workshop is for people who have (or want to prevent) chronic or acute foot pain. I’ll show you exercises to improve foot function, which translates into better posture and less pain, which leads to a happier self. We’ll talk about foot wear, walking techniques and try to find the causes of your foot pain.

Palliative Care: 

This is a demonstration of how to soothe a loved one in their final days. I will come to your home or to hospital to show you how to provide pain and stress relief. Touch therapy is one of the best things you can do for someone who isn’t able to verbally respond. It helps connect them to you and the earth and will help YOU to feel better too by providing this amazing modality for a friend or loved one, knowing they are in good hands.